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Add a New Place

Couldn't find your Place/Ministry when trying to Add it to your dashboard? Send us the following so we can add it to our master database:

1. Official Name
2. Short Name your site could get named
3. Place Type (church, school, ministry etc)
4. Language services catered for
5. Timezone
6. SPD Union
7. Conference/Mission it belongs to
8. Place Phone Number
9. Place Email Address
10. Country
11. must have either Street Address OR suburb name and Latitude Longitude coordinates (must have!)
12. Postal Address (if different)
13. Leader's position, Name and Email

Connect a Domain name

Tell us the web address your old site had (eg [[countrycode] ), and also your [name] address, and we'll help you get them connected.

Found a Bug? Got an idea?

Send us a detailed explanation of what's not working, or a detailed example of how you would specifically use a feature you're requesting and will see what we can do!