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Designed especially for churches without a tech savvy webmaster, Adventist Place website builder enables basic computer users to easily create and manage a simple church website.

Create pages

Adventist Place allows novices to easily lay out web pages for all sorts of purposes using a simple content management system.

Video Playlists

Connect your Youtube or Vimeo playlists to display videos on your site or embed your livestream feeds.

Advertise your events

Add events to different calendars on your site or have events show automatically from your Facebook Page.

Visitor Interaction

Easily add simple contact forms which notify specific people via email, depending on the category selected by the visitor.


Upload your audio files into podcast collections and and have them available to be listened to online.

Stock Photography

Use free built-in stock photography to find and add a polished look to your site.

Blog Posts

Publish and manage posts, like recipes, news, devotions, theological thoughts and more on your site


Embed MailChimp signup forms on your site to build your email newsletter list.

Upload Resources

Keep your church up-to-date with by easily uploading your latest bulletins, newsletters or files so people can download them.

Your details kept up-to-date through Adventist Cloud

Essential contact, location and staff details of your Place are managed at Conference/Mission level so your details will still be kept up-to-date even if your website gets neglected.

Free to use

If you are an official Seventh-day Adventist Church, School, Mission, Op-shop (etc) in the South Pacific Division, Adventist Place is free to use thanks to Adventist Media. (If you are outside the SPD contact us)

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