Add Missing Place Form

If you couldn't find your Place/Ministry when trying to Add a Site to your Adventist Place dashboard, send us the below information so we can add the Place's details to our master South Pacific Division database. 

(NOTE: We can only add you if you're in the South Pacific Division and an official Adventist Church 'place')

1. Official Name of your Place: 

2. Short Name your place could be popularly known as: 

3. Place Type (church, school, ministry etc):

4. Language services catered for:

5. Timezone: 

6. Union it belongs to (must be within the South Pacific Division):

7. Conference/Mission it belongs to:

8. Place Phone Number (if have one): 

9. Place Email Address (if have one):

10. Country: 

11. MUST have your place's location so we can plot it on a map. Either tell us the: 

- Street number and address (not a PO BOX)

- Suburb name and Latitude and Longitude coordinates

- Suburb name and Google maps satellite view screenshot

12. Postal Address (if different to above):

13. Main Leader's position (eg Pastor, Principal), Name and Email:

14. What are the starting times of your weekly meetings (eg Sabbath School, Church Service, Prayer Meeting

 - or what are your opening times if you're not a church)?

15. Do you have Pathfinders, Adventurers and Ambassadors clubs?