Add Missing Place Form

If you couldn't find your Place/Ministry when trying to Add a Site to your Adventist Place dashboard, send us the below information so we can add the Place's details to our master South Pacific Division database. 

(NOTE: We can only add you if you're in the South Pacific Division and an official Adventist Church 'place')

1. Official Name of your Place:
(eg. Demodale Seventh-day Adventist Church) 

2. Short Name your place could be popularly known as: 
(eg. Demodale)

3. Place Type:
(eg. church, school, ministry)

4. Language services catered for:

5. Timezone: 

6. Union it belongs to:
(must be within the South Pacific Division)

7. Conference/Mission it belongs to:

8. Place Phone Number (if have one): 

9. Place Email Address (if have one):

10. Country: 

11. MUST have your place's location so we can plot it on a map. Either tell us the: 

- Street number and address (not a PO BOX)

- Suburb name and Latitude and Longitude coordinates

- Suburb name and Google maps satellite view screenshot

12. Postal Address (if different to above):

13. Main Leader's position (eg Pastor, Principal), Name and Email:

14. What are the regular starting times of your weekly meetings?
 (eg Sabbath School, Church Service, Prayer Meeting)

 - or what are your opening times if you're not a church)?

15. Do you have any regular clubs? eg Pathfinders, Adventurers and Ambassadors clubs?

16. What are the Place's Social Media account web addresses? (eg Facebook)

17. What is the email of one (or more) Admins to invite to edit the site in the future?