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What is Adventist Place?

Adventist Place is a simple website management tool designed, built, maintained and supported by Adventist Media in Sydney as a free option for any officially recognised Adventist entity in the South Pacific Division.

Especially designed for those who are not technical gurus, Adventist Place’s simple yet feature filled abilities will suit many Adventist churches, schools, conferences, missions, op-shops etc as their online home – be it a basic static information website or a site updated regularly with news, events and media. 

Adventist Place was launched in 2018 as a completely reworked and expanded upgrade from the Simple Church platform created in 2017. Adventist Place is a simple yet modernised alternative to the once supported netAdventist platform the SPD hosted between 2007-2017. More about this...

What does an Adventist Place website look like?

Well... this site you're on now is actually built in Adventist Place, but you can take a look at some other sites using Adventist Place in real life here

What does the Adventist Place admin area look like?

Have a look at some screen shots from within the Dashboard to give you an idea of what an Admin will have to work with here.

Who can sign up?

Currently only officially recognised Seventh-day Adventist entities in the South Pacific Division, who do not already have a satisfactory website, are eligible for an Adventist Place website.

What if my church already has a web presence?

We're delighted if you've already put yourself on the web to be discovered by the community.

If you already have a web presence that is working well for your 'place' then you do not need Adventist Place site.
In fact it's our policy to only have an Adventist Place website if there isn't another website. This is to avoid double up of webmaster work trying to maintain two sites, but more so to not confuse visitors as to what site is the official site they should be visiting.

If you do have a site already, we recommend you review the following:

  1. Is your current site to restrictive for what you want to do, too difficult to maintain, not accessible for multiple people to make updates.

  2. Look and content of your site from the viewpoint of a first time community member who is researching whether to come to your church or not. Why not ask one of your non-Adventist friends or work colleagues to review your site and give you some feedback.

  3. Is your site easy to use on a mobile? So many people are using their mobiles to look up places now, you gotta have that working well now too!

What does it cost?

It is free for all official Seventh-day Adventist places in the South Pacific Division.

How do I get started?

Visit our Getting Started page for all the details on how to request access to your site.

Got more questions?

  1. Try our Adventist Place Facebook Support Group and we, or a fellow webmaster, may be able to give you some speedy help. 
  2. View our Support Articles for help on using specific features of Adventist Place. 
  3. Otherwise, send a support request for a slightly slower but guaranteed answer to your question.