New Features for 8 September 2018

08 Aug 2018

Latest new features:

Blogging/Post section added (for news reports or recipes or theological thoughts or ...)

Adjustable Widget margin padding below Widgets, (no more spacer widget)
NOTE: if you used the Spacer widget, it's been removed and may have altered your layout slightly.

Button Links can now be made in the Text Widget

Widgets reworked to be the same but subtly different, in preparing for allowing footer editing in the future

Default page templates will become available soon (allowing people to 'reinstall' some of the default content if they wish to.)

Page duplication is now possible.

Text Align options have been added to Text Widget

NEXT We're looking at the Social integration next, including cleaning up after Facebook's 'lockouts' of features that we were once permitted to access and getting that working better.

Scott Wegener