NEW FEATURES 2018.9.12

12 Sep 2018


  • You can now choose how videos are sorted in video playlists: Ordered (same as set in YouTube/Vimeo), Reverse order, Newest first, Oldest first.
  • Video Playlists will now pull in up to 100 videos from Youtube or Vimeo (previously this was about 20)
  • Notifications from HQ (that's us) can now include links in the email (which didn't appear in last week's Notification we sent out.)
  • You can now see how many views a video has had on your Site
  • You can now set an update frequency to Video channels - this is the frequency at which the YouTube and Vimeo channels are checked for new videos to display (hourly, daily, weekly, never)
  • Increased the time it takes to automatically sign out a User, to 6 hours
  • Pagination of Videos for theme Channel pages
  • Fixed the “more” menu link buttons bug (eg the 'three dots' to edit main menu items or events that weren't showing after a 'slow' click).

Remember: on any page in the dashboard you can click the round blue help button down the bottom right of the screen and type in the keyword of what you need help with - as long as it's not medical help (see your doctor for those kinds of issues...)

Scott Wegener