Recurring Events are here

20 Sep 2018

Today's latest release of Adventist Place focused on events and in particular brings recurring events. Here's the highlights:

  • You can now create an event that repeats daily, weekly, or on a selection of dates of your choice each with different start times.
  • Site visitors can now subscribe to event calendars to get the latest updates.
  • Duplicate an existing event to quickly get started creating a new event.
  • Event end times are now a required -¬†any events previously created without an end time have had a end time automatically added of 1 hour after the start time.
  • Event times are now correctly displayed in the events local time zone.
  • The Image Chooser will show images you've uploaded as well as Unsplash images you've previously used.
  • Better SEO support for sharing of events and posts on social media though improved usage of Open Graph tags

Happy Thursday!

Daniel Lewis