NEW FEATURES 2018.7.16

16 Aug 2018

This new release includes a major rework of how Document lists once worked, now called...


• Document Lists renamed to Resource Groups

• View total number of downloads for a resource

• Add Documents and Website Links to a Resource

• Document Resources can have multiple download files - e.g. an image with multiple formats

• Website Link Resources allow you to have a link to a website. Adventist Place will automatically pull meta data from the website link such as a preview image, site name, site description to show on your site

• Resource descriptions can be written in an editor

• Resources can optionally have preview images

• A new Resource page for websites (/resources) shows your site visitors popular resources and recently updated resource groups.

• A new Resource Group page shows resources and highlights many of the features above.

• Resource Group resource listing in dashboard now has pagination, table sorting and search

• 'TrackEvent' added: This will track all downloads/views of content to help keep track of popularity. People who for example download the same resource several times in a short period will only count as 1 download. The popularity of content is recalculated daily based on the last 28 days of data.

• Resource downloads tracked using TrackEvent for popularity

• Vimeo and Youtube Videos played now use TrackEvent to track popularity and total plays on site

• Event times: Times picker now allows for 5 minute steps rather than 30 minute steps

• Fixed bug where when editing events the start time/end time may unexpectedly change

Scott Wegener