NEW FEATURES 18.09.2019

18 Sep 2019

Here's some general bits and pieces that have been happening:

We've just added the ability to add site-wide custom code!

This means you can add your own code for things like:

See our general info on adding custom code here

We've also updated/simplified how Livestreaming works on the site, including some ideas how you can use/add Facebook Live to your site

See here

We've created a general getting started Step-by-step tutorial to help newbies

These bugs have left the building in the past months:

  • events not listed in order
  • event's daylight savings times causing issues 
  • Resource Widget not displaying from All Resource Groups

See any other issues, let us know!

We've also updated the  blue 'help icon' feature at the bottom of your Dashboard screens. 

If you have a question while you're weaving your web, go there and search for an answer first.

And we also upgraded to Rails 6 last week. We know you care about this...

Scott Wegener