NEW FEATURES 2018.7.10

10 Jul 2018

Hey folks,

We've just released some new features we've been working on for Adventist Place. Here's a run down of what's included:

People Features:

• Add and manage people under Settings > People

• Feature people with a star. By default only featured people will show on the people widget

• Sort featured people

• People Widget (previously called Team Widget) now allows you to show featured people or create a custom list of people that can be ordered.

• Your pastor/leaders will still be automatically managed from Adventist Cloud and automatically featured. If your pastor/leader moves on to another entity they will be unfeatured and set as unmanaged meaning you can edit/delete them if you choose. You may choose not to delete them if you added them previously to podcast episodes as an author for example.


* Add a person to a document/image


* Podcast episodes now use the person added to the document/mp3 instead of the credit name. If you have previously relied on the credit name, please add the person.

* Podcast page on website now shows the episodes summary and author/person


If you're website URL was previously pointing to a Simple Church website, we've now automatically set it to point to your Adventist Place site as your primary URL


* Fixed bug preventing contact form topics from been created

* Fixed bug preventing reports from showing

Daniel Lewis